Meet: J’aime Payne

I am passionate about applying my strengths to plan, execute and deliver on creative projects. As a creative artists myself, I experienced first-hand the consequences of my team and budget falling apart. What should have been a knock-out creative independent project with over 40K in funding, resulted in returning funds and screaming into a pillow. I have trained myself to have a strong business-minded approach to projects I am involved in, assisted by a diploma in accounting and extensive experience in program management. With rewarding grant applications of over $500K in the creative arts industry in Canada, I love working within teams. I don’t believe a team has to sit under the same florescent lights to be effective.

My strength lies in problem solving, creative solutions and execution. If you tell me what you want to accomplish in a year, a quarter, a month, I can help connect the dots for you. From discussing the finances, to helping you write a kick-a$$ grant (that should never be relied on!) to keeping the project flowing.

Through the growing network of The Snow Lake Initiative, we should to be able to call on our creative peers to bring our creative projects to fruition which is what I plan to do with you.

If you can afford to:

Facebook Advertise
Make a Promotional Video
Re-Design your website
Get a hair appointment

You can afford a project manager.