as the snow lake initiative grows,
we won't forget
who helped push the boat out of the weeds



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These individuals, organizations, company's and entrepreneurs
were our very first partners
that came on-board to support
The Snow Lake Initiative.



At Soapstones,

We are committed to supporting our youth in ways that help build self-esteem, that stop bullying behaviors, that engender confidence, that focus on well-being and that develop their leadership potential. We believe that by working with like-minded partners, we can help to create positive change.

Open-call Partners


Media Partner

LG = Lottery GranT
PG= Performance Grant

12/02/2018: Adam Bailie (British Columbia - LG)
12/16/2018: Jan Jacklin (Ontario - LG)
12/25/2019: Murray Foster (Ontario - PG)
01/02/2019: Dawne Carleton (Ontario - LG)
01/16/2019: Nora Stevens (Ontario - LG)
01/25/2019: Briar Summers (Ontario - PG)
02/02/2019: Raven Murphy (Ontario - LG)
02/16/2019: Jamie Bestwick (Ontario - LG)
02/25/2019: Ashley Bieniarz (Manitoba - PG)
03/02/2019: Shanika Maria (Ontario -LG)
03/16/2019: Justine Giles (Ontario - LG)
03/25/2019: Jane Lewis (Ontario -PG)
04/02/2019: Matthew Ozzorluoglu (Ontario- LG)
04/25/2019: Matt Zaddy (Ontario - PG)
05/02/2019: Raven Murphy (Ontario - LG)
05/25/2019: Matt Zaddy (Ontario - PG)
06/02/2019: Barbra Lica (Ontario - LG)
06/25/2019: Briar Summers (Ontario - PG)
06/25/2019: John Muirhead (Ontario - PG)
07/02/2019: Haley Carson (Ontario - LG)
07/25/2019: Briar Summers (Ontario -PG)
07/25/2019: Matt Zaddy (Ontario - PG)
08/02/2019: Julian Youd (Ontario-LG)
08/25/2019: Nicole Duquette (Ontario - PG)
08/25/2019: Karen Morand (Ontario - PG)
09/02/2019: Nick White (Ontario - LG)
09/25/2019: Diverted to Nov 22 Fundraising Event
09/25/2019: Diverted to Nov 22 Fundraising Event
10/02/2019: Josie Robinson (Ontario - LG)


Jaime Payne, Ont.
Eryn Charlton, Ont.
Cosburn Arts Centre, Ont.
Sue & Bob Barnhart, Ont.