The Snow Lake Initiative’s Artist “Obstacle” Course is a reflective three-day, two-night flex-retreat designed for the creative entrepreneur and open to all members of The Snow Lake Initiative.

Artists experience multiple obstacles of varying degrees throughout their careers. A career in the arts requires a deep understanding and acceptance that overcoming adversity and refining decision-making skills are all part of the journey. Lucky creative artists are fortunate enough to have a close-knit community that they can bounce ideas off of, celebrate success with and commiserate with when things don’t go quite as planned. Art panels and conferences often feature professionals encouraged to share their insights that may or may not be relevant to your specific situation.

The Snow Lake “Obstacle Course” is designed for the reflective artist that is both willing to discuss the intimate details of an obstacle they just cant seem to get around, and participate in thoughtful conversation surrounding the obstacles of others.

Interested? Here’s how it works.


  1. All interested members should complete the simple survey to express their interest in this opportunity and indicate their available and preferred weekends.

  2. A location is locked in and announced when six members commit to one weekend.

  3. From there, invitations are sent out and the formal planning commences- including a 50% deposit to hold confirmed members’ spot.

The Structure:

This retreat is designed to be a mix of constructive conversation and reflective restoration. There are no guided activities available and the only scheduled events include eight hours of structured conversation where one artist “has the floor” at a time. These hours are flux and are spread out over the three days.

Members are expected to prepare a two page PDF that briefs the other members on where they’re at in their career, career objectives and at least three (3) specific obstacles they are hitting their head against.

  1. This PDF should be emailed to at least two (2) months before the retreat.

  2. Confirmed participants will receive other participants PDF’s and are expected to read these briefs and privately reflect on each case. Note questions. Ideas. Possibilities. Alternative Routes. Compliments. Concerns.

  3. Participants will each receive a full hour to “have the floor”. At this time, you lead the conversation and eight other artist brains, all briefed on your career, objectives and obstacles, will have an opportunity to share their thoughts.

The Snow Lake 2020 Artist Obstacle Course Retreat is inspired by the Re:Think Workshops organized by Shane Parrish where a small group of individuals come together and hone their decision-making skills through intimate understanding and thoughtful conversation.