The Snow Lake Initiative celebrates national launch with an artist-to-artist Secret Santa gift exchange


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Canada’s new grant and mentorship provider ‘The Snow Lake Initiative’ announces inaugural Micro-Grant Program, and celebrates official national launch with an artist-to-artist Secret Santa gift exchange.

Applications for the inaugural Micro-Grant now open until December 1 Due to unrest at Canada Post, Secret Santa gifts can now also be sent digitally.

Toronto, ON, November 23, 2018 – ‘The Snow Lake Initiative,’ Canada’s new grant and mentorship provider for Canadian artists, now begins accepting applications for their inaugural Micro-Grant Program (deadline; December 1, 2018), and celebrates the organization’s national launch with a Canada-wide artist-to-artist Secret Santa gift exchange – now opening up the exchange to digital submissions (deadline; December 6, 2018).

Huntsville: Locally, there will be a Secret Santa gift drop-off event on December 6, 2018 at Soul Sistas Restaurant, 68 West Road #3, Huntsville, Ontario, P1H 1L8.

It is totally free to become a member of The Snow Lake Initiative.

The Snow Lake Initiative’s vision is to provide limited funding and development for artists, through prearranged sponsorships. It is a three-tiered program for Canadian artists in all artistic disciplines; singers, songwriters, visual artists, dancers, authors or sculptors. The three tiers are a Micro-Grant Program, a Mentorship Program and a bartering-style Grant-Writing Program.

The Snow Lake Initiative’s inaugural bi-weekly and monthly Micro-Grant Program (involves an inclusive and non-restrictive application process) will be a lottery grant.

Applicants: Enter on the website by midnight on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

The grant winner is selected by lottery, amongst the applicants, and announced the following day. To participate in the Secret Santa, visit the website and click on “Count Me In.”


How the Secret Santa works:
Sign up on the website, create your artistic gift or use an existing piece of art and send it in by the deadline on December 6, 2018.

  • Email your gift to; info@

  • Mail; The Snow Lake Initiative, P.O. Box 5412, Huntsville, Ontario, P1H 2K7.

  • Locally; There will be a drop-off event in Huntsville on December 6, 2018 at Soul Sistas Restaurant, 68 West Road #3, Huntsville, Ontario, P1H 1L8.

Gift ideas: A hand-drawn/painted or digital postcard (visual artists), a download link to your latest album/song, your latest CD or free download card (recording artists), send tickets or guest list for two to one of your shows (performing/dance artists) or a scarf, if you are a knitter/handicrafter.

Huntsville/Toronto, Ontario resident and founder, entrepreneur, singer, songwriter J’aime Payne states, “I took what I learned working at The Canadian Independent Recording Artists’ Association (CIRAA) to develop my own model of micro-granting, which is appearing in the arts more and more. The goal is to aid Canadian artists in their creative endeavours and help them eliminate obstacles, without defining their obstacles for them. This is done through inclusive guidelines and an understanding that artists truly know their own creative business best.

“I called it ‘The Snow Lake Initiative’ because Snow Lake was a cherished family meeting place and the name of my grandmother's family camp on the northern edge of Algonquin Park in Ontario. It was a safe space where friends and family came together. The spirit of Snow Lake was encouragement, support and kindness, and so, it’s in this spirit that we proceed and what I hope will be passed on to the artists we work with.”

After a couple years of research and development, Payne began with The Snow Lake Initiative “soft launch” in June. “Now, for the official roll-out, we want to continue to grow our membership and substantially increase our partnerships,” states Payne. Partnerships include a Lottery Grant, a Performance Grant and a Mentorship Grant.

J’aime Payne (pronounced “gem”) is a singer, songwriter, who grew up in Huntsville, Ontario. She relocated to Toronto in 2013, where she gained behind-the-scenes work experience with several high-profile businesses in the music industry. Ventures included commercial work for television, successful applications for provincial grants (grossing over $500K), business management for some of Canada’s multi-million-dollar export artists, and a treasured stint with CIRAA as Director of Member Services – before the association dissolved in 2016.

Payne's own creative journey has included the release of three full-length albums. Her most recent work ‘Pretty Please’ was funded generously through FACTOR's Juried Sound Recording Program and paired with a MuchFACT video for her single “Figure It Out.” A new single/video release is slated for the winter of 2018. ABOUT US: The Snow Lake Initiative (official national launch November 8, 2018) offers grants/funding and mentorships for Canadian artists of all disciplines. It is a free, members-only, three-tiered initiative involving a Micro-Grant Program, a Mentorship Program and a bartering-style Grant-Writing Program. Available partnerships include a Lottery Grant, a Performance Grant and a Mentorship Grant.

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