You’re invited!

(but we also need your help)

We need auction items to help raise money for a new 2020 program & in true Snow Lake fashion, give back to our local community!

Would you be willing to donate something

(Really, anything)


(really, anything)

FOR our auction?

How to Donate:

Donations of your time/talent can come in any form and this will be a great way to promote our members and their craft for a good cause. For example: J’aime will be donating two hours of live entertainment (guitar/singing with sound system) & Becky (our kick-a$$ communication manager) will be donating a custom cartoon illustration/drawing!

E-mail us at to let us know you're interested in being part of this event in this way!


Interactive S’mores Bar (Vegan & GF friendly)
Live Performances
Canvas Beer
Spiked Hot Chocolate
Door Prizes
& more…


Why are we doing this?

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In 2015, under the mentorship of my grandpa, Lyle Payne, we threw a Fundraiser called “You Are Not Alone”. Together we brought together many local businesses and raised $7,500 which was donated to the chemo unit and used to purchase 10 tablets. At the end of Lyle’s battle with cancer, our family was able to celebrate and honour the man we loved under the Hospice Huntsville roof. In August 2019, our family was blessed yet again with the generosity of Hospice Huntsville as we said goodbye to Don Ouderkirk, my mother’s father, an amazing man of 91 years young. Both of my grandfathers were amazing, generous and kind men with creative spirits. Lyle was ahead of his time, carving candle holders out of rocks he gathered along the shore of Snow Lake. Don was a skilled woodworker and guitar player whose talents have been passed on from generation to generation. On November 22nd from 7 -10 PM, I’ll be hosting an interactive fundraiser at Canvas Brewery. This night will feature live music, an auction, an indoor s’mores bar, light-hearted competition, complimentary hot chocolate and more. 50% of net proceeds will be donated directly to Hospice Huntsville. The other 50% will be donated to The Snow Lake Initiative to help assist with the development of a new program. This program will encourage our members to put on fundraisers in their local communities and utilize their talents to create positive impact.
— -J'aime (Founder of The Snow Lake Initiative)