Need new press photos but can’t quite swing the full session cost?

Lucky for us, fellow Snow Lake member Cassandra Randolph offers a Give Back Session where interested parties submit their names for an opportunity to get in front of Cass’ camera… without the session fee.


Who: Selected people will receive a photo session up to 1 hours (valued at $300) at no cost and includes two final retouched photos. Not included in the waved session fee are prop costs, location fees, hair/makeup/styling.


When: Selected individuals will be contacted personally and coordination will be between you and Cassandra directly.

The Application Process:

Head to:

Please know that submitting for this draw DOES NOT sign you up for any newsletters or emailing lists.


“I’m Cassandra Rudolph, a Canadian-born photographer and filmmaker, focused on telling stories through colourful, emotional and cinematic photo essays and portraiture as well documentaries, music videos, and short films.


The work I do can be exclusively photo or video, but I prefer to partner both together. Still and moving images, in my mind, will always be married. They’re chemistry and physics, forced perspective and robotics, computer science and a bit of magic.

Ten years into my creative career and I find myself turning towards community building and visibility activism. In addition to my creative work, I founded [Working Title], a grassroots collective of Toronto photographers and filmmakers who collaborate on creative projects and work to improve the visibility of marginalized genders and bodies working with cameras.”

The Deadline:

October 25, 2019

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Why are we doing this?

A LinkedIn post by our Founder - January, 2019

Sixteen-year old me remembers declaring: When I make it 'big', I'll pay it forward. Ten years later, (& having never witnessed 'big' numbers in my bank account that would warrant philanthropic endeavors) I've lost the need to define my success in this traditional way. So, at 26, I started something small: The Snow Lake Initiative (We're small but we're growing!!!) Last month I saw a post in a group: "Hi Friends! If anyone's in need of portraits over the next year but doesn't have the means to pay for them currently I'll be giving away sessions periodically..." & I felt joy- Because, this is what I believe we are capable of, as artists with talents. Without de-valuing our services, or compromising on our goals, we can give back, in real, tangible ways, if we decide to. As creators - we have the extreme privilege of deciding how we are going to operate our creative lives and ventures. I truly believe when we open our hands and let go of the fear of not having 'enough', and give, we are creating the space and opportunity to receive.